Disposable Hand Gloves

Check out our selection of disposable hand gloves to see how convenient and hygienic they are. These gloves are the ideal choice for a variety of duties that call for a barrier between your hands and potentially toxic chemicals since they are made to give protection and peace of mind. These gloves offer a dependable barrier against bacteria, pollutants, and chemicals whether you are handling food, cleaning, or performing medical operations. They are made of premium materials, and are lightweight, cozy, and flexible, guaranteeing a tight fit and optimum dexterity. These Disposable Hand Gloves are a time-saving and practical choice for both personal and professional use since their disposable nature avoids the effort of cleaning and sanitizing.

Nitrile Examination Gloves

Product details

  • Pack Type  : Box
  • Gender  : Unisex
  • Condition  : Non-Sterile
  • Pattern  : Plain
  • Finger Type  : Full Fingered
  • Glove Material  : Latex
  • Color  : violet blue 

Diamond Vinyl Powder Free Examination Gloves- Blue

Product details

  • Glove Length  : Mid forearm
  • Brand  : vinyl
  • Box Contain  : 100 boxes
  • Category  : Non Sterile
  • Color  : Transparent
  • Item Material  : Vinyl
  • Item Type  : Powder Free
  • Packaging Type  : Packet 


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